Monday, 4 May 2009

TAoP Assignment3: Applying what I have learned so far - a portrait of my garden

This assignment required a demonstration of what had been learned through the various excercises covered so far mainly dealing with different lighting conditions, colour and composition. This then had to be applied to the portrayal of a place or event in your neighbourhood. My opting for my garden indicates how uncomfortable I am photographing in public, something I still find difficult. Looing back this was probably one of my weaker assignments, but it was mostly received well by my tutor.

#8 - Watering  cans - overcast

Watering cans: diagonal line, no shadows, overcast

3 Rose - side light

Watering can rose: circular/central composition, side lit, deep shadow

4 Eryngium - fringe light
Seedheads: diagonal, fringe lighting

Bins - low sun
Bins: constrasting colours, horizantal compositon, low sun

7 Leaf - shadow
Leaf: colour accent, off-centre composition, shadow

TAoP Assignment 2; Colour

Orange and blue: contrasting colours

I shall display a selection of photographs that I have taken over the course of the last two years as a result of following the Open College of the Arts Photography courses as I want to log my progress in photography and in thinking creatively. This assignment required a set of photographs using colours from the colour wheel, similar, complimentary and contrasting in pairs, similar colours and colour accent. It required more creative thinking in either setting up a group of objects or spotting the right combination when out and about. I think for me, the latter exercise was a good start in starting to develop a 'photographer's eye'. I had always been attracted to aesthetically pleasing 'vignettes' I shall call them for want of a better expression, perhaps an old wall with weathered wood, or a grouping of goods on display in a market, but I had never thought of capturing it. Now with the exercises about composition under my belt I was out with my camera on a roll. So here are a selection from that Assignment.

Fragile roof
Yellow on blue: colour accent

wardrobe - similar colours

Red: similar colours


Red and yellow: contrasting colours


Red and green: complimentary colours

Another beginning

After teaching for more than thirty-five years I finally decided it was time to start learning again. Before stopping work at the end of 2007 I had already started the Open College of Art's The Art of Photography course having bought myself a NikonD40, thus fulfilling an ambition to own a SLR camera. The digital route was my key and there was no stopping me. On retiring I up-graded to a NikonD80 and enrolled on the Photography 2: Landscape course. Which I have nearly completed. The OCA enables students to work towards a degree through acquiring sufficient points on completing enough modules. I had no intention of putting myself through the Assessment process as I was still working when I began, and under enough pressure from work. However I think I could cope now, but shan't take that route.
I have drawn all my life and had some success with watercolours some years back, but although I found painting and drawing enjoyable I was able to fulfill my creativity, my skills never matched what was in my head. Photography has brought me a lot closer, and I find the process continuously exciting with endless possibilities which I hope to be able to explore here on my new enterprise - my very own blog.
My third age has well and truly begun.