Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sunny Saturday

At last a lovely sunny day that I could spend indulging in some art work.  I have been doing bits and pieces, but nothing that I have felt worth sharing. I have decided to sign up for 'Design Matters' Creative Sketchbook Course. Meanwhile today I have been taking a few photographs in the garden and drawing.
First I collected a selection of different yellows and laid them out on some white paper in the dappled shade. I set the camera white balance on 'shadow'. A little tweak has brought out the colours especially in the shadow which looks a bit like a watercolour wash.

I then switched the WB to 'sunny'.
The courgette flower was crying out to be drawn.

I sat it on an old ink bottle, but it just wanted to close up

I love the contrast in colours.  I drew round the shadow cast by the senecio,  but the alchemilla mollis ...

 and the Ladies Bedstraw flowers were just too small to draw, but I love the shadows.

As the courgette flower curled up this little chap emerged from the petals.

I came indoors and added some colour to my page and got out the yellow embroidery threads.

Not sure where I shall be taking it next.

It is nearly the end of July and I shall be thinking about my calendar for August next week. 
July seems to have been quite a busy month for me. 
I am going to try and catch up with all of your posts as I have only been making quick visits lately.
I do hope you are having a sunny weekend too.