Monday, 19 October 2009

Time to move

All summer I have been working in our 'conservatory'. I use this description with care as an estate agent once informed us that in fact it was a 'lean-to'. It is in a rather sad way, with rather peeling paint and a saggy floor. I have filled it with bits and pieces to disguise its shabby state. When it falls down we will replace it with a modern plastic one. But in the meantime I shall have to evacuate as it is too draughty to heat ecconomically. It is a great place to work as there is great natural light and a view over the garden - although rather too hot on sunny summer mornings.
I was going to head this piece my 'glory hole' as this is how my grandfather described any messy, untidy corners my sister and I created. I thought I'd google the phrase to find the origin and had a rather nasty shock at it seems have several dubious sexual references which I choose to ignore. I think (and hope) my grandfather's use for the phrase originated in the navy, for - guess what - a mess. I'm so glad I looked it up - I could have had a few disappointed visitors!!!
So I am moving all my messy art 'stuff' into my study, which we had converted from a rather small garage. I need to do some really serious reorganising as this also houses my computer and photography equipment which don't mix well with gesso and ink! I won't feel so free and easy sloshing around the paint, but it's an opportunity to explore different fields.

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