Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Not what you wanted

Since Sunday Mr T and I have been laid low by some sort of tummy bug - symptoms sounds similar to to the notorious norovirus, but thank goodness we haven't been vomiting, but still feeling pretty yeuk. I'm definitely beginning to feel better today, but annoyingly will have to absent myself from my Nutty Knitting group tomorrow as I don't want to pass anything on. 

I've been doodling on my iPad, but my eyeballs feel frazzled so have to keep giving them a rest.
I've nearly finished Hilary Mantel's "Bring Up the Bodies" but can't concentrate on poor old Anne Boleyn's fate, I can only manage a page or two at a time.

On Saturday I woke with a stinking headache, but put it down to a late night and managed a trip to Milton Keynes Art Gallery in the afternoon to see the Hemmed In exhibition before it closed on Sunday.  It was an excellent collections of examples of embroidery, some from the Embroiderers' Guild Nation collection, some from local guild members and some selected by the local guild and some selected by Jamie Chalmers otherwise known as Mr X Stitch.
This cross stitched door by Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene

detail below, was just one example of stitching on found objects.

This door by Sarah Greaves was another example, she also had a stitched full size bath tub.

Other examples were stitched photographs and this embroidered 7" single sleeve by Rachel Rose.

Some of the most charming exhibits were these needle felted animal heads by Zoe Williams.

There was also work by Alice Kettle,  Julia Caprara and Jan Beaney to name a few.  Thanks to Joanne for suggesting the visit, and hopefully I haven't passed on any bugs.

I do hope you're having a good week, I'm off for a nap.