Monday, 16 April 2012

Enough dyeing for now

I've had another dyeing session.  I've built up a nice stash of fabric, so I'm hoping that it will be enough for the time being.

Before starting, I assembled all the kit - plenty of newspaper laid over the work top given a spray of water to absorb any spilled powder.
Below is the dyed fabric - the 'pure' colours are in the zip-loc bags at the back and I also experimented with different mixes, some in plastic glasses and some in plastic tomato trays.

Although the colours look pretty intense in the above photograph, I used a more dilute solution than before and got these lovely fruit pastel colours.

Here are some of the more experimental pieces -  cotton lawn and muslin...

and below, cotton organza, which is beautifully marbled.

Below are the colours I dyed in my first session, much deeper primaries.

I've got to go now, my sister has just arrived for the evening so there will be lots of chat....