Saturday, 2 October 2010

October begins

September completed
The month has been as busy as my pages suggest and is significant in that it has seen the launch of my
Etsy shop which turns me from being retired teacher/pensioner into self-employed crafting business woman (well sort of). My work room has become a bit of a production line lately with several sewing project at various stages, but and it is a big but ... my first love is dabbling so I must build time into my days for this. Of course I am prepared to put in the hours needed at the moment to get the shop up and going, but I hope I can get the balance right. It is very flattering when your work sells and I do like doing a bit of stitchin'

October begins...
I made these pages by first dyeing them with brusho powder watercolours. Rather than cut out the squares, this time I drew them and bleached out the colour. I then drew illustrations. You may notice that the 31st artfully falls from the row like an autumn leaf - or like an erratum slip (when you realise I missed out a  square). This page fulfilled an urge to doodle - now it is back to the sewing machine! I shall find time later to catch up everyone's calendar pages on the flickr site - there are many who have managed to keep going through the month  and well worth a look - it's downhill now to the end of 2010!!