Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tools of the trade

I was torn between doing some photography and sewing yesterday, so decided to combine the two. I slapped the macro lens on the camera and opened up the tripod.  When the light levels are very low (it was raining all day),  the tripod and the remote control shutter release are essential if you want sharp pictures.
I used manual focus as the depth of field is so shallow -  a centimetre or there abouts - so it is vital that you manually focus on the spot you want, especially when it is a needle.  My eyes are not brilliant and I have a miriad of 'floaters' but a bit of concentration got the results I wanted. Because the pictures are a high resolution I was able to crop them closely around the area I wanted. 'Picasa' now lets you edit your pictures using 'Picnik' which enabled me to add the drop shadow, all very simply done.

'Rotary Cutter'


'Topstitch Needle'

'Needle and thread'

I do hope your are enjoying some sunshine as I am here. Chilly, but bright, the best January can get.