Monday, 11 January 2010

Using gifts

First of all, thanks everyone for sharing in my 'cabin fever' as Grammy put it. Getting a few tasks finished has made me feel better, I shall be sharing my big(ger) project later after the recipient's birthday. But meanwhile here is something I have done with some of the pieces of fabric Jane sent me a few weeks ago. This is my first Art Journal, and I thought the cover needed personalizing. I made a card frame and covered it with the pretty green and yellow fabric and added a bit of decorative stitching. I used this to frame an old watercolour doodle with the title written on it placed beneath a piece of translucent green 'parchment'. I used gel medium to glue the butterfly to some paper which meant I could cut it out without fraying. I also added some glass beads before sticking it on. I may embellish it a bit more at a later date. Thanks Jane. I am also feeling better as after a high blood pressure reading by the practise nurse I had to see my GP for a check up, but all was normal - I am sure that just worrying that you have high blood pressure gives you high blood pressure!

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