Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday in the garden

I decided to take my camera in the garden. I am using my 50mm 1:1.8 D lens which is brilliant in low light as it has been very dull here today.
Here are a selection of shots - I took lots - over 40, wouldn't have done that with a reel of film.  I would have had to have been a lot more thoughtful before I pressed the shutter. If you click on a photo it should enlarge for you.

I chose some herbs that have gone to seed.

There are a lot of six spot ladybirds around.  This one was enjoying the fennel flowers.

Another ladybird clambering in the fennel.

This is the parsley. If you look carefully there is a strand of web between the seed heads.

Another shot of the parsley

This is a close up of coriander flowers which are rather delicate.

 We have plenty of froglets hopping round the pond, but this one was larger - about dessert spoon size I'd say.  It is good to see them as we had a good size dollop of frogspawn which I photographed in the spring.
However I am missing the blue tits, great tits and coal tits which seemed to have totally disappeared since our neighbour cut down their leylandii hedge about three weeks ago.  We are grateful for the light as it seriously shaded our vegetables, but the birds loved it.  Hopefully they have gone on a country holiday to make the most of the natural food available and will be back when the weather turns.  Meanwhile we are enjoying the large flock of house-sparrows that are emptying the feeders as fast as I can fill them.  We saw very few of those for many years, but we counted at least 20 at one point.  Sorry no photos of the bird life.

However I am continuing to enjoy the Creative Sketchbook course.  Here are another couple of pages.

Do have a great weekend - I'm looking forward to doing some more drawing myself.