Thursday, 23 September 2010

Where does the time go?

It is Thursday already and September is more than half way through.  I don't really feel I have had time to enjoy the lovely days we have had in one of my favourite months, although yesterday, which was gorgeous I did manage to plant up lots of pots of spring bulbs. However it was a bit too hot in the greenhouse which is also our potting shed, so I had to do a bit of tidying up outside to cool off, you don't often have to say that in September. Otherwise it seems to have been a week of chores and appointments. We made a large batch of pear chutney which this year had the benefit of the addition of plums and Mr T pickled the last lot of shallots. The smell of boiling chutney still seems to be lingering even after a couple of days of having lots of windows open, but perhaps it is my imagination. I had to go to the foot clinic (I have a neuroma - an enlarged nerve - between the bones of my foot) but after a cortisone injection about three months ago I just have to wait another three months to see how it is doing).  Mr T is almost back to himself now - thank you, to all who have enquired and wished him well. However he is totally banned from doing any lifting and as I have the muscle power of limp lettuce some jobs take a long time, but we are adapting.
However sewing and drawing don't take a lot of muscle power so this is what else I have been doing.
I am thinking of making another book this time based on an honesty seed pod. I hadn't realized how many different  names there are for this popular plant, it seems to be a favourite with lots of artists and photographers as well as gardeners. If you click on the picture you can hopefully read them all.

This is my idea for the cover.

I have some blue/green two tone chiffon which is just right stitched over the pod shape. The idea needs a bit of refining but I think I'm on the right track. 

I have also been working some more paperback book covers, they should be ready for my shop in a couple of days. 

Here are my zipped purses which are not really that well finished but I have photographed them on my sewing  board. Well, it started off as an ironing pad which I made by stapling lots of wadding covered with calico onto a small pin-board from B&Q. However it was rather too padded to press anything on, but it is ideal to have on my lap when sitting in an armchair sewing. It acts like giant pin-cushion which means there is always somewhere to stick pins and needles and it is great for stitching on.

Here are the other sides of the purses - I couldn't put them in my shop but I have a couple of friends who might like them.

I've just noticed an imprint of my iron on the pad!
Now I am going to try to catch up on everyone else's posts. Writing this one has taken ages!