Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Still here

Just a quick post to add my calendar to the pages.  I've not been in a very 'bloggy' mood, so please forgive me if I haven't commented on yours - I have been looking. I had a bit of trouble with my computer - even the Apple didn't like me having about six and a half thousand photographs on its hard drive, so I have deleted over 1,000 and it is happy again. I need to cull a lot more - they are all backed up so won't be lost for ever. And I seem to be bogged down with mundane tasks.
Here is my September page in my journal. I never really did like the decoration, but the month has flown by.
In someones post - sorry I can't remember who, they had carved a stamp for their calendar squares  so not one to overlook a good idea, I cut one from some easy-cut 'lino'.  What a mess I got myself into printing the page with acrylic paint!!! Perhaps I should have cleared my desk first.

I inked in the words and little motifs to make them look a bit like lino cuts and added a watercolour wash. Quite effective.

 I am working on my C&G quilting - it's just blogging that's taking a back seat, can't do everything all the time.
See you again soon