Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What is it with April?

First of all thank you for your get well messages - I'm still feeling rather fuzzy, all right if I keep busy, but if I stop, I want to fall asleep.

I have managed to  get my calendar done for May although it still needs a bit of work.  When I looked at my pages for April last year I had marked it "the warmest April on record" and this year "wettest..." hold on to your hats next April, it may well be the windiest!

Monday was lovely, but I spent most of it asleep, really annoying. It's back to grey dullness today.

I did try to be a bit more spontaneous with May and sloshed some left-over dye over the page, however looking at it today, I'm not sure spontaneous is the right description. However a bit of fiddling about will soon add some character.  
I've a busy week coming up, so not sure how much creating is going to go on between naps.
Here's to a sunnier May,