Sunday, 12 June 2011

Open Studio

Here is a glimpse of Sally's studio where we are showing our work over June.
This is my corner of the studio.
We had a stream of visitors on Saturday and we both made some sales.

I am sure some of you will recognize some of my work, most of which has appeared on this blog or is in my Etsy shop.

My photographs.

It was beautifully sunny most of the day, even if a fresh breeze blew through, so we were very lucky as today it hasn't stopped raining.

Here are some of Sally's photograms and below some of her monoprints.

We are open again on Wednesday.  I am also spending a couple of hours on Tuesday and Thursday manning the exhibition at a local gallery showing a selection of work from artists across the county.
I know I am going to have a busy and interesting week - I hope you have a good one too.