Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Progress Report

You may recall my attempt to translate this drawing into a textile piece - progress so far
First I taped a piece of tea dyed cotton onto a piece of board and traced/drew the planter on with a fine tipped permanent marker pen and added some shading with Inktense pencils.
Then I spattered it with fabric paint to simulate the lichens growing on the planter.

I layered it up with some wadding and added free machine stitching.

Here are a couple of close ups.
By closely stitching the path the planter area is still puffy and stands out.

I am going to add some hand stitching to add to the crustiness of the lichen growth and experiment with making leaves to frame it with.
I've got a 20x20cm stretched canvas so I am going to attempt to mount it on that.
Meanwhile, back to the drawing board.
Keep dry,