Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Calendar Challenge 2011

Only two days to go - so here is a review of 2010. Kate and I are throwing down the gauntlet again and opening up the challenge for another year. It really isn't that difficult. Setting up the page could be as simple as cutting out enough squares for January and sticking them in an A4 sketch book. The background could be a plain colour wash, or as fancy as you like. As for filling in the days, as you can see sometimes I don't write anything - a picture or stamp will do, you could just do a doodle - or sometimes I cram in as much info as I can. I certainly don't fill it in every day and often have to go back a week (or more), but a couple of words about the weather can suffice. There is no obligation to record your life story!  I have been doing this for about 18 months and it is great to go back and look at what I wrote a year or more ago.

The calendars in the challenge are posted on the flickr page, so if you haven't looked there lately it is worth a peek, especially if you are looking for inspiration. Please e mail  me or Kate if you have any questions.

My January pages are in preparation so watch this space!
And if I don't get around to writing another post this year - Happy New Year to you!