Friday, 5 February 2010

Transferring images

First experiments in my 'Little Journal'
Some of you asked how I transferred the images onto my journal page, so I'll explain. I cannot remember where I read about it originally. On someones blog I expect. I have had success with ink-jet images printed  on ordinary copy paper, glossy magazines and newsprint pictures, but not with glossy photo quality paper.  I have tried directly onto heavyish cartridge paper (150 grams) and onto a surface prepared with gesso. They have both worked, but as the process leaves a smudged edge the gesso enabled me to wipe this off to a certain extent.  The results I got were a bit 'grungy' and paler than the originals. I'll explain ...
firstly you coat the face of the image you want to transfer with a fairly thick layer of medium/PVA. I have used Golden Gel soft matte and Marvin Medium which is good quality PVA, both have similar results, but the Marvin is a lot cheaper than Golden Gel. Whilst the glue is still wet you stick it face down in the position you want the image and smooth it out, making sure there are no air bubbles.  With a large piece of newsprint it may be better to glue the receiving surface instead, as newsprint goes very floppy when wet.     Now you must wait for the glue to dry - if you are impatient like me you only wait until it feels dry, although I did leave one image overnight it didn't seem to make much difference, as long as it is dry. Now comes the fun and messy bit. You wet the back of the image and start rubbing the paper off. It rolls up in little pills. It is quite tough on the fingers and I sure I have removed my fingerprints! My desk, lap and floor all end up covered with little grey paper globs.  Rubbing off the back takes a bit of practice - rub too hard and you get a hole in your picture, and not rubbing enough leaves a white film over the picture. In fact my images end up with this misty look.  If your image is dark it is very difficult to avoid smudging ink onto the backing paper, which is why the gesso is quite good, as it will wipe off to a certain extent

Here is my walled garden trial
Just realized I have spelled transferring with one r  throughout, I shall correct it, but not bother to re-scan. (I am a bit diplexic - as Mum where I taught called dyslexia)
The advantage to doing this process is that your images is much flatter than just sticking it in, and it gives it a worn, grungy look. However with a bit of fine glass-paper and gesso I think collaged images can achieve a similar effect, but is fun. I'll be interested to hear if you have had a go.