Thursday, 4 June 2009

Some thoughts on Fay Godwin

Having finished my written assignment on Fay Godwin I have to complete my final assignment with photographs taken in her style. The photographs of hers which have attracted my attentions are the colour pictures she had to publish herself called Glassworks and Secret Lives. The book is out of print but I managed to get a small signed paperback after a short search on google. The hardback versions are over £100. There are a good selection from this collections in her book Landmarks which is easily available.
The images in this book are such a departure from her usual black and white landscapes that no one wanted to publish it, which is why it was done privately, however I love the images. This is the only one I could find on-line which links to an interview with Fay for BBC's Woman's Hour, here.

It is these images, many of which which may be described as abstract which have attracted me and inspired me in making her my choice as my chosen subject and I hope to make last assignment in the style of these colour photographs.