Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Time for a new post - that perm is getting on my nerves every time I log on. (See previous post - or NOT) so time to share what I have been doing.
My Art Journal gets used for more than the monthly calendar. Sometimes I keep a record of what I have been doing or thinking about - here is an October page,,,
and sometimes I record something that has more significant meaning. This Sandy Denny song always strikes a deep chord especially at this time of the year. I'll try and put a link to the song at the end of the post.
I am also working on some new patchwork, but in a slightly different way. I have made covers for some little 4"x3" blank journals I got from Staples in what I will call 'distressed' patchwork. I enjoy doing these for a change. It would be nice to find a different insert, and if I can find the time I may have a go at making some books. I thought they might make suitable  'stocking fillers'. Your thoughts would be welcome. These need finishing and when I can take some better photographs they will be in my shop.
Front cover with wrap tie
I have added appliqué and embroidery to the front panel
Here is a pink version

Still needs finishing off

Hopefully you can hear Sandy Denny singing 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes' with Fairport Convention here: