Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More rememberings

Hello my dear friends, I am feeling very warm towards you all - what a lovely bunch of kind, friendly supportive people you are. As this is post 201 I am feeling very privileged to have joined the 'gang'. (Post 200 sneaked up on me as a 'draft') and want to say thank you for being out there.

I have been having quite a creative few days despite having over done it on the plums (I'll say no more) But no one else seems to be eating them!! So shortly I hope to be sharing some completed pieces with you.
Meanwhile I have also finished another section in my Norfolk memories book. I was stirred to catch a Radio 4 programme called 'Looking for the Singing Postman' which brought back all sorts of memories of my Norfolk relatives and their wonderful accent. When of the interviewees coined this phrase as a test of your Norfolkian knowledge which I shall attempt to write phonetically, I really had to smile, the answer came straight back to me.
     "Dar yar far keep a dicky bor?
I shall be interested if any of you know the answer.
My great aunt, grandmother's sister, Auntie Rosie was a Ladies Companion and when in London way back I know not when, was asked this by a London Bobby who recognised her accent and she was able to snap back the answer as quick as lightning which caused great mirth to the policeman in question and Auntie Rosie who liked to tell the tale. (Translation and answer with next post).
When you see the map below you will understand that in the years that followed 1958 we drove along the Norfolk Coast Road many,  many times. Through the wonders of Google Earth I have been virtually travelling this road and have been able to follow some of the tracks up to the dunes where we so often parked including the descriptively named "Cart Gap Road". I have also been able to virtually drive up  the road past 7 Langley which is now completely changed and see the other buildings I recognise. I hope it won't be too long before I can go in reality. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy my next instalment.