Thursday, 14 January 2010

Everything in perspective

Image; The Telegraph
I sit at my computer, hot cup of tea, full belly, central heating on, deciding how to cook the chicken this evening, washing machine running, art 'stuff' all around. Cat, fat and sleeping, bird feeders topped  up, TV with cricket from South Africa, a car in the drive, music on the hi fi and yet yesterday morning I was feeling fed-up and discontent. I have read the newspaper, heard the radio and watched the news - the plight of the Haitians is unimaginable, even for those not injured. Get things in perspective Jill I tell myself, none of my family are in peril, those who are frail have family and a health service to care for them, not perfect but more than adequate. Imagine having nothing, each one of those anonymous faces we see on the news has a story to tell of family, love, life and loss. Today at least, I will be thankful for my life and be content.