Wednesday, 27 November 2013

No time November

Hello again … just managing to squeeze another post in for November.  Most of my last three weeks have been taken up with quilting, interrupted with a bit of work at the Pop-Up Shop, and just staring absent mindedly out of the window.
The Pop-Up shop has proved very popular with lots and lots of positive feedback and a steady stream of sales. I think I shall have made a small profit, having recovered my initial investment, but won't know 'til the books are balanced. Joanne Bowes has been the main instigator as she put forward the initial proposal for the shop to Dunstable council she has worked very hard at making the shop a success so I do hope it has been worthwhile for her. Lots of people have said how good it would be to see a more permanent outlet for art work in Dunstable, but of course it is not that easy and the people involved are all artists and not gallery/shop managers which is a very different business.
Joanne and Vicky worked very hard to make the shop look professional and Joanne's and Jan's husbands managed to install a hanging system for the paintings.

 Joanne opening up 

One of our lovely, stylish visitors who gave us a big thumbs up.

I'm not used to having to do a full day's work any more so after being at the shop felt totally worn out, even though I mostly spent the time chatting!! Mr T and I had not had a good couple of weeks with some sort of bug, so I was very grateful for the support I got in arriving a bit late for my shifts. 

In between times I have been quilting my three printed poppies.

 The first one finished 
I intend making cushion covers, here it is on my sofa with the original painting, unfortunately it clashes with my colour scheme.

This is the second one pinned up and ready to quilt.

Below is the third one, just to give you an idea of the number of different colours I chose, although I didn't quite use all of them.
In this one the print of the petals came out with less detail, so I stitched the tones back in.

I have found a beautiful toning green mottled cotton for the backs, so not a lot left to do on the tops.  Haven't decided what do do with the backs yet. but watch this space… I have loved doing this so will be looking how I can develop the idea.
I've been trying to catch up with blogs and have been reading them, even if I haven't commented. 
Hope you're keeping warm and busy,