Wednesday, 23 June 2010


This morning a lovely 'Jiffy Bag' arrived with my name on it - don't you love it when a package arrives in the post? Yesterday the braiding foot I ordered for my sewing machine arrived and today a larger, more exciting envelope. I knew what it was as Amelia from 101 Bird Tales had e mailed me to tell me my name had been drawn in her give-away. Amelia is one of those inspiring women who lives a full life as a practising artist, caring for her children, and teaching and enabling others to explore their artistic talents. Although my name was drawn randomly, you cannot help but feel a bit special when it is your name that come up, so this is what is in the pack.
It was another glorious morning, so I took it outside to photograph.
Tucked it there is a card from Roger la Borde. I thought I recognized the style from Amelia's post and was delighted to find that it was Rob Ryan  whose blog I follow. I love his paper cut-outs. I missed photographing that separately.

There was some lovely paper scraps and a card or two of Amelia's and an old wooden letterpress - G for Guerilla. I love this as my father was a printer and when I saw him last week we were talking about his time as a printer's apprentice, before WW2, and how much of the terminology has crept into modern use. ( I don't think they were still using wooden letterpresses then, Dad!!) 

Then there was  one of Amelia's calico bags embroidered with the work 'artist', and a hand-made Guerilla Stitch Kit,

Now I have the challenge of stitching a few words onto the pieces of calico and to liberate them around the town. Although I shall be sorry to take the bits from this book, that is what Amelia designed it for, so I shall try my best to fulfil its destiny.