Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What's a few cobwebs beetween friends ...

When I posted a before and after of Noddy and Big Ears here I promised I would share a few more shots of my 'top shelf'.  Mr T has always been a collector of old packages and aided by his Mum we have quite a collection plus my china.

Unfortunately the shelf is rather high so I don't get up to dust the top very often!

so if you won't think any worse of me I'll share a few close-ups with cobwebs.

That's corns and constipation taken care of.

Most of these are concerned with cleaning or tea, plus the Oxo tin of course.

Hey, but what is that perched on the Black Magic tin?
It is a set of lino cutting tools - priced 1s. 4d. that is about 6p in today's money. I have just bought a set and had completely forgotten about these - I wonder if they will work.