Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sew, so...

I thought I would share with you what I have been doing this week - well some of it.  I have been getting to know my new sewing machine. It is a long time - years, since I had my old machine out so I am  not only getting to know my new one, but also getting my eye in. On the whole using a sewing machine is like riding a bike, once you have learned you never forget, although you may be a bit wobbly at first. After having to resort to the instruction book to get it threaded up and stitching a few up and down rows  I thought I would make some scented hearts. I thought I could make them button-up which would give me buttonhole practice too. I also made a little draw-string bag to keep the foot pedal and cable in as like ALL the machines I have owned these are a real pain to store. I raided my sewing box and have found quite a few scraps - here are my attempts.
The red candy stripe one was my first attempt and I soon realized I had made it rather small, and turning inside out through the button opening was a bit of a struggle. I also realized I had managed to sew the loop so it ended up on the inside! But the button-hole was fine. The second attempt was the white muslin one, but I still managed the get the loop on the inside. I know the theory, but somehow I got it wrong. The third one was the orange check - hurrah , the loop is in the right place, but it has got a twist, oh well never mind. The draw string bag was more straight forward, but it still seemed to take all afternoon! Here's a close-up.

They could have a bit more wadding, but that was all I have till I do a bit more shopping. I have scented them with pot pourri oil. Jane, you may recognise a couple of your buttons!

Otherwise I have had a go at free-style embroidery, but that will need a lot more practice before I have anything worth looking at.
 Hope you have a relaxing Easter weekend.