Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What's been going on...

My art and blogging seems to have taken on a different pace recently. I have established  a routine for myself that includes some aspect of art or craft most day. My camera is part of my life as is logging into my blog and now running my Etsy shop. I no longer feel the frenzy I had a year ago to try everything I could get my hands on. I miss that energy to a certain extent, but I feel as if I am on a plateau, consolidating  all the new skills I have experimented with. I have been busy doing this and that and haven't seem to have had the time to put a blog together - but today I have the time so here goes. (Two long phone calls later - see what I mean)

Last week I got an envelope stuffed with fabric scraps from Lesley at Printed Material. They burst rather magically out of the envelope so I filled this basket with them

After taming them with the scissors and hot iron
I ended up with a beautiful pile of Tana lawn scraps for my patchwork.

You may spot a couple of the pieces in my new creation - a spectacle case.
Which I have lined with yellow felt to cushion your specs.
Shortly to appear in my Etsy shop .
There are some more in the pipeline. What do you think?

I shall be posting this pair too soon.

Meanwhile I have been doing other things.

I am working on my Honesty seed-head book. There is still a lot to do.

...and I have been trying  some ideas for C******** stars.

When the sun came out this afternoon I thought I would take a quick walk round the lake at the park.
I grabbed my camera,  just in case there was an irresistible photo-opportunity. When I got there I thought I would snap as many different birds as I could - plus a squirrel. I made it half way round when I spotted the rather ominous black cloud that had been lurking on the horizon was now overhead and large , so I had to tuck the camera into my coat and rush back to the car park.
1. Pink Footed Goose (there only ever seems to be one), 2. Mallard duck, 3. Coot, 4. Grey squirrel, 5. Whooper swan (one of several), 6.The sun and rain from inside the car, 7. Feral pigeons
So my walk and photo session was cut rather short - I took a last photograph inside the car with the hail stones bouncing off the roof!
Writing this has taken all evening! At least the photographs up-loaded smoothly. Now I will take a time to catch up on everyone else's posts.