Wednesday, 26 March 2014


We just couldn't be without any longer. So on Sunday Mr T and I went to visit the brilliant Animals at Risk Shelter to have a look at who was there. Roaming around the immaculate garden must be a dozen or so residents who cannot be re-homed for various reasons, cats with illnesses, injuries or bad habits. Then there were the one year olds that had grown up at the shelter, various variations of white with black splodges. At the end of the garden we visited the lost or abandoned cats in individual runs and one of them - you can guess who, jumped down from his bed and immediately started rubbing himself around Mr T's finger poking through the wire. From then on there was no question of who was coming home with us - we had been chosen! We think we have named him Mungo, we cannot come up with anything else. References to T.S. Elliot and Mungo Jerry the early70's rock band. He was abandoned outside some flats which have been demolished. However he is well behaved and well mannered - well he has been so far.