Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Life is a Trip Hazard!!!

I had a lovely 'trip' to the Isle of Wight last weekend with Mr T. Whilst there I expressed the urge to visit  Fresh Water Bay to get a little wind in my hair.
The weather was wonderful, and this spot an archetypal seaside scene - although away from the beach not very picturesque, but rather functional. Near the  rather unattractive boat house we spotted this sign.

I should have photographed it at the time, but it seemed a rather unlikely subject, but it left us chuckling as I have been known to trip over my own shadow - or turn my ankle on a sixpence (a small coin that was around in the 'olden days'.

I thought it might be a good idea if all children were issued with a Trip Hazard warning card before they took their first steps.  It might stop a lot of unnecessary legislation.  In the meantime I have designed this rather fetching tee-shirt for fellow trippers.  It may  help companions be aware and make sure that ice-packs and and compress bandages are packed before that walk to the paper shop in the morning.

Significant 'trips'
Age 7 - head first down stone steps triggering life long fear of stairs
Age 27 -  during engagement to Mr T skipping along arm in arm for joy ( he didn't save me from falling - but readers, I married him)
Age 37 - jumping down the last couple of steps at the local shopping centre in anticipation of pay-day spending and ending up at A&E in an ambulance, worrying as I had only paid for an hour in the car park.
Age 57 - when I thought a bit of power walking would be good for me and turning my ankle on a piece of gravel - as I headed for the deck I was worrying about making a hole in my new trousers, but just managed to  head-butt the pavement and acquire magnificent facial bruises - but saved my trousers.
Oh and last year I managed to forget we had two steps at the turn at the bottom of the stairs - well you can guess.
Luckily no broken bones.
(Ages subject to poetic licence)