Saturday, 13 November 2010

Thank you for giving me the confidence...

... to set up my Etsy shop. Since I started at the beginning of September I have made at least two sales a week - through Etsy, or through friends or through this blog. I have some orders for friends and a few things in the pipeline to add to the shop.  Here is a progress report on a project...

Here are some lovely pieces cut from samples of Vanessa Arbuthnott linen union my sister gave me. It is a beautiful pale straw and grey - I scanned this and it is difficult to get the colour right. Here the pieces are zi-zagged together on a piece of thin wadding ready for embellishment.

...and here it is after some embroiderywith some alternatives for a button and threads for a cord.  This is a cover for a journal and is now ready for my shop as soon as I can photograph it. I'm hoping for some good light tomorrow.  I have enough linen samples for one more cover in a pale green colourway if this one goes down well.

In the new year I hope to experiment with some different, perhaps more adventurous items as I don't want to become a patchwork production line. I do enjoy doing it however and hope to have a couple more purses for the shop when I have finished my orders.

This will be cut down the centre vertically and become two rather bright purses.
Thank you all for your encouragement and support and to everyone who has given me lovely feedback. I am a very happy bunny. (There always has to be something however, and I got a letter from the tax man this morning saying I will have fill in my own tax assessment form - hmmm, but I do have a friend to help).

Hope you are have a great weekend - it is all work here, must get back to the sewing machine!