Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June, she comes too soon

Filling in my calendar is never a chore, even though sometimes I fill in three or four days at a time.  However the idea of preparing a new page sometimes does feel a bit of a drag.  This week I really enjoyed looking at some paintings by the Fauves after being inspired by the envelope and label Gina used for my Postman's Knock postcard.  I would never normally  make a painting like this as I would think about it too much, but as I knew it would be mostly covered with the squares I let rip with the acrylics - great fun.

It is hard to believe that it is June already,.
 I omitted to say in my last couple of posts thank you to all of you who sent me positive messages when I was feeling a bit glum. Gave myself a bit of a talking to.  I spent a great day with some lovely friends as Nutty Knitters today, there is nothing like a good heart to heart, especially when accompanied with a good cup of tea and a slice of Maxine's home-made strawberry cheesecake. Shame I can't share that with you over the ether!

Hope you have a great June,