Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Been and gone

Well that was March - it has taken us from winter into spring and back into winter again. My calendar is full. Sometimes I write up several days at a time and add embellishments as I go along. 
It has been a full month, not least that I celebrated my sixtieth birthday. What a super family and friends I have - old and new and I thank you all for your kind wishes and gifts.  
This week I'm feeling a bit bleaugh - not very creative or productive, although I have been playing with my new sewing machine getting to know its assets and my limitations. I think my body knows the Easter holidays are coming up - for thirty-plus years of teaching, like many of my colleagues, I inevitably got a cold for the holidays and for some reason by immune system hasn't realised I've RETIRED!

I have prepared my April page. I have gone for a fresh spring look, hopefully it will be spring again before long. I still enjoy filling these in - it is always a good opportunity for a bit of a doodle.
You may notice a bit of stitching - can't think why that is!