Sunday, 25 July 2010

Blood, sweat and tears

At last I have finished my crazy patchwork bag.
It has taken me hours - I reckon at least 12! 

First I lay out all the pieces out and bonded them to some felt, then machine stitched them down. I  embellished each patch with machine or hand stitching, then added the fastening, a wooden button and a cord made from toning twisted threads and beads.

I then sewed in the lining complete with zipped pocket. It was at this point that the blood came into it. As I pinned in the lining I hadn't realised I had pricked myself and after I had sweated over the zig-zag edging I found blobs of blood all over the lining. 

The tears followed as I had to sponge off the blood - and also I was not very happy with the finished edge as it is very uneven. 
I made the handle by zig-zagging up and down three pieces of coloured string and wool and then plaiting them together.

A friend of my husband popped in to see him and watched me showing off my bag and asked me if I had been a 'Hippy Chick' - Hmm not sure if I approve of the title 'chick', but I did think that Hippy Chic might be a good description of the style. (By the way I was a bit of a weekend hippy way back in the 70s)
If I was going to make these to sell I would have to simplify it a lot and find a different way of finishing the edge, possibly by binding it. But they would be a labour of love! 
Meanwhile the sewing machine is having a bit of a rest.

(But not this bag!!)