Sunday, 28 June 2009

Assignment 5 - first selection.

Here are the first set of photographs up for consideration for my final assignment in the style of Fay Godwin. My theme is 'man's' constant battle to control nature and nature's fight back. Fay Godwins's photographs in Glassworks and Secret Lives are full of light so this is my aim too. This is a rather simplistic explanation, I will aim to add further with each posting.
The first set were taken round the greenhouse in the snow...the snow representing the force we cannot control.

glasshouse 5
I have posted this before. Here the morning sun was shining through the snow - the sun has tinted the snow almost giving it the appearance of fire.

glasshouse 3
This is a faded rag tucked into a greenhouse strut photographed through the frosted glass. The rag has been there for some time and has almost taken on a permanent form of creases. I particularly liked the diffused light seemingly making the cloth glow.

glasshouse 2
This one was taken from inside the greenhouse. The frost makes the surface of the glass appear scratched and the photograph unfocused. The whole thing takes on the appearance of a miniature abstract landscape...
More information on Fay Godwin here.