Monday, 3 December 2012

Head in a cloud

I seem to have head my head in a cloud this week - as opposed to a head in the clouds.
Just haven't been able to put my mind to anything new. However I have managed to get a few things finished

Photo effect using 'Photo Booth'

Finished November calendar.

Made a basic page for December.

Decided to unpick some stitching I had done on my quilt, but haven't touched it since.

  Made a couple of book wraps from a piece of 'mad' quilting I had done. So now I shall have these lying around instead of the bit of quilting.

 Finished off some little tree decoration bags I have made for friends.
(Don't tell)
They are bits of Sari ribbon stitched down onto felt. From an idea in this book - and Gina.

And I finished off my bag, and added a vintage buckle from my mother-in-law's button box

And here is the photographer's assistant checking the action.

Have a good week