Monday, 3 December 2012

Head in a cloud

I seem to have head my head in a cloud this week - as opposed to a head in the clouds.
Just haven't been able to put my mind to anything new. However I have managed to get a few things finished

Photo effect using 'Photo Booth'

Finished November calendar.

Made a basic page for December.

Decided to unpick some stitching I had done on my quilt, but haven't touched it since.

  Made a couple of book wraps from a piece of 'mad' quilting I had done. So now I shall have these lying around instead of the bit of quilting.

 Finished off some little tree decoration bags I have made for friends.
(Don't tell)
They are bits of Sari ribbon stitched down onto felt. From an idea in this book - and Gina.

And I finished off my bag, and added a vintage buckle from my mother-in-law's button box

And here is the photographer's assistant checking the action.

Have a good week


Jane said...

Do you think Marv would come and help my sewing? I'm not getting on at all with a Christmas quilt - it may yet become an Easter quilt. love the bright zingy bag.

marigold jam said...

So good to see the Assistant is looking well and keeping and eye on quality control ! Love love those book covers and the little decorations - both really beautiful. Might pinch your idea and have a go myself sometime.

Printed Material said...

You might have had your head in the clouds Jill but your hands have carried on working independently!! You have completed loads of things and like Jane, I love the book wraps and the little bags. They will make very welcome gifts I think. How lovely to make something for friends like that. They have a treat in store!

Clare Wassermann said...

Yes but finishing things is so much more admirable than starting new ones!

Maggi said...

Lovely book wraps and little bags and your satchel bag has turned out really well.

Rae Ann said...

Beautiful work! I love the book covers. Beautiful Assistant.
Rae Ann O.

Gina said...

ooooh! The little bags are beautiful.

Chrissie said...

Gorgeous wee bags, what a lovely project while your head's in the clouds! Photographer's assistant is looking very wistful!

Emma said...

Lovely decoration bags, so bright & delicious for a tree. I must look JR up. Quilting is magnificent!

menopausalmusing said...

Has Marvin been on some sort of "Youth Elixer"? He looks so young and handsome in that photo! I love your "mad" quilting, so colourful.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Those book wraps are stunning so are the tree decorations :-)
Anne x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooooh the book looks good - maybe a nice prezzy for me from DD ;-)
Anne x

Amelia said...

wow - some intriguing photobooth effects there! Hope you have a good week too. Been making artists books and collaging over at mine :)