Monday, 12 April 2010

What I did next

I've been making these little scented shabby fabric hearts. 
Here is how: I cut out a heart shape from a piece of fairly strong fabric and then chose scraps of fabric, ribbon and lace that toned in. I then zig-zagged the trimmings onto the heart with a contrasting thread, adding a few random lines of stitching.

I then cut another heart the same size in a toning/or contrasting piece of felt for the back. I have some cheap viscose (or whatever) felt which I was wondering what I would use for.

I then stitched round the edge leaving a gap near the pointed end for stuffing. I stuffed them as firmly as I could and then added some pot-pourri oil on a piece of cotton wool.

As they are not turned inside-out it is easy to stitch up the gap. I then finished them off with a ribbon and a button or bow. I came home from my sisters with a big bag of fabric scraps and pieces of ribbon although that was before I got my machine and didn't know what I was going to do with them. I am beginning to build up my own bits collection now. She also sent me a tin of buttons and another bag of bits this week (what a great sister to have!)

I got a bit carried away photographing them in the afternoon sun. 
I must say I am rather pleased with them.

On Wednesday and Thursday I am going on a course at The Art Van Go Studio in Knebworth called "Books to Cherish with Frances Pickering. Here is one of her books, so you can guess I am really looking forward to it. I hope I shall something interesting to share at the end of the week. Meanwhile I hope you all have an enjoyable and creative week too.

Book by Frances Pickering