Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Catch up

I've just spent ages updating my Artist Network Bedfordshire page and getting things ready for the Red Dot Exhibition.

We are really hard pushed for gallery space in Luton. The Red Dot is a great spot, but it is rather hidden away at a local High School, so no passing trade. If anyone can make the PV please contact me first, but I know not many of you are local.

Meanwhile this is what I have been doing:

I have started my 5th September in my journal.

 These totes were created from plain bags from Hobbycraft decorated with transfers painted on to  Transfer Artist Paper. 

Unlike T-shirt transfer paper you can colour the TAP with all sorts of media. Here I drew on it with a Sharpie pen and coloured it with watercolour paint. I then cut the shapes out and ironed them on. I have some T-shirt transfer paper so I may experiment with painting on that too. Of course you can put both through your ink jet printer. You can use the TAP on all sorts of surfaces too. I bought it on-line.

These papers were created with wax resist, paints and foils.

One I have used to make a felt box topped with a purple poppy and one I've used to make cards.

Finally last weekend I just had to get out of the house so I went and sat on a fallen log on Sharpenhoe Clappers, the local high spot of the Chilterns.  There is a beautiful stand of beech trees on the top and I sat undisturbed and did a bit of sketching. The breeze in the leaves is nearly as soothing as listening to waves gently breaking.  I left feeling thoroughly restored and added some colour to my sketch at home.

Wouldn't want to sit up there today, it is cold and damp. However I am sure summer isn't done with us yet.
Whatever you're up to, enjoy yourself,