Sunday, 8 May 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

Another busy week - although sometimes I think one half of the time I create a mess, and the other half I clear it up.  I have spent time finishing off and sorting things for the Open Studio event.  I haven't made much of a photographic record of my progress to share with you.  I had to repackage some items that had been in my Etsy shop as I have changed my e mail address since I started it, a rather tedious chore.
When I go to 'Nutty Knitters' I don't knit, but I do do a bit of needle felting.  I now have a good collection of little pictures ready to be made into greetings cards. I have been adding some beads to them this week.

I have also got some felt flowers that need finishing and making into brooches.
I realise that I have rather a lot of items - so I hope that my friend doesn't feel overwhelmed in her own studio!  I also hope that those of you who live in the area will be able to visit.  It would be lovely to meet you.  More details nearer the time. 
I have also been working on a couple of postcards for 'Postman's Knock' I like to be prepared, but inevitably there will be a last minute rush to finish them off  before posting. (No previews of those allowed).

In between times I have done a bit of gardening and was thrilled to hear the swifts screaming.  I have been out every morning scouring the sky as last year I first spotted them on the 1st of May, this year it was the 6th. So that's pretty close timing.
Mr T was clearing an overgrown area in the veggie patch and realized he had disturbed a colony of bumble bees.  We left them to settle down and then marked off the area to make sure we didn't disturb them again.  I am pretty sure they are Early Bumble Bees (Bombus pratorum). The workers vary in size a lot and some of them are really small.  I sat and hung over the nest with my camera - no prize winning shots I'm afraid, but at least it helped me identify them.

If you want to click on the picture you will get a better view. This little worker was fanning her wings to circulate air in the next.  Her thorax is quite bald and shiny and if I zoom in I can see my outline refected in it!!

This worker is returning with loaded pollen sacks.

The nest is just flat on the ground at the bottom of a rockery wall.  It is made of tiny bits of dead grass and even tiny snail shells.  I presume the bees must have collected all the bits together.

I was a bit worried about them after the heavy shower we had early this morning, but they were busy as usual.
Well I suppose I had better go and clear up the mess I made earlier and then find the brooch pins.
Do have a good week,