Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Happy to be cool

How pleasant it is today, warm enough to be out with bare arms, but not so hot I break into a sweat emptying the compost bin (Just adding to my green credentials).  It is MrT's birthday so we have been out to lunch, he is watching some cricket he recorded and I am fiddling about. As I have been posting a lot of photographs lately I thought I'd do something different. Firstly some embroidery. This piece I finished sometime ago in April, the last of my colour doodle stitchings.

The scanned colour has not come out very well, what looks orangy/brown here is much paler and the real colour range is  from deep acid yellow to pale straw.
After this I thought I would try something more representational and took this doodle -

and turned it into this
My embroidery skills are improving, but Cathy at Menopausal Musings has set the embroidery bar high so I am still reeling in admiration of her work.
Emma is a more recent blog friend. She lives on the Isle of Skye and creates all sorts of lovely art pieces from what she has around her. No popping down to Hobbycraft for her. She has a significant birthday in June and to celebrate being fifty she is arranging a fifty postcard swap. It is always fun to send and receive so I was more than happy to join in and this week I received this -

 A great little multi-media piece of art. Emma's blog is A Little Bit of Everything and I am sure she would be delighted if you took a look or even joined her in a birthday quest.

I have also been doing some art journaling and working on my 'Garden Book', but more of them another time. I hope the sun is still shining with you, Jill

PS. Blogger is really messing about today with positioning pictures - so if it is happening to you, you are not alone!