Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hi John and Trish

Today's blog is dedicated to our dear friends John and Trish who hosted our New Year celebrations. They are stuck in Kuala Lumpur with not much prospect of a flight home. They have got WiFi connection so I hope they are able to keep in contact.
I have had a great day - so I ignored the dust so deep I could grow potatoes on the bookshelf, the kitchen floor which could feed a family of four (and a cat) and the filter of my dishwasher which could be used for a nourishing soup and went to a local car boot sale this morning inspired by lala's post. I am not really an early bird or a car boot person, but after dropping Mr T off I headed to the Olde Water Mill garden centre. There were only about 25 cars and as it was about 10.30 I didn't think I would have much luck. But look at this -

All this for about £8 - My best buy, the iron for £2, just what I need  for my craft work. The FW acrylic inks are labelled £2.25 each, but are now over £4 a bottle. (all for £3 including the some cheap brushes - just right for glue and gels and some beads. In the Water Mill I was also able to but embroidery threads and some fabric scraps from the quilting shop! What a happy bunny I am. By the way Lesley and tried the FW ink on the vilene - it soaked in rather a lot, but I guess if you mixed it with a thickener it could work.
I have been busy in my "J" book too.

Here is the page for 'Jam',
 and Lesley, I had already started 'Jamboree' when I read your comment this morning - honest,

although I think Jingoism may be a bit more of a challenge!
Watch this space for 'jokers' and 'Jezebel'.