Saturday, 9 January 2010


I am feeling so totally creatively frustrated and knotted up I am not sure what to do  - I  probably need to slosh around some  paint and glue and then toss the result in the bin. I have been trying some more needle felt animals, but after my initial pleasing first attempt I am frustrated as I cannot get the shapes I want - I also need to just throw the failures in the bottom of the cupboard and stop trying to put them right - the cost of the material is minimal, but  I am finding a reluctance to let go of my failures and move on. I have been very busy on some other projects, but as these are gifts some how they have become a chore - I don't think I would be very good working on commission. Being cooped up by the weather isn't helping - I want to stretch - what do you do? It's not that I feel a creative 'block', just hemmed in.
 By the way I had these two cuties on this journal page for ages, just waiting for the right word!
Keep warm, keep smiling