Sunday, 30 October 2011

Only just time for tea

I've had an extremely busy week including visiting Dad on the Isle of Wight and a trip to Ikea to buy new desks for my work room - thanks to John and Trish for the lift and help lifting heavy flat packs. I have put together one under-desk cupboard, but my back suggests leaving the other one for a few days. Eventually I should have continuous worktop along one wall which will also accomodate my new computer.  Hopefully I will be able to fit everything in. At the moment every gap is filled with a folder or a box, my new arrangement won't have so many gaps!
I have made time for one project in my sketchbook.  I have used a favouite teapot as the starting point. May do a bit more work on it at some point.

It is nearly the end of October, so I am going to work on my November calendar page now as I've another busy week ahead with more family visits and appointments with the vet and the hairdresser! I don't know why, but appointments each seem to take up half a day since I retired.  I can't believe I used to fit them all in with working full time!
Hope you all have a good week and see you in November!