Saturday, 12 November 2011

Testing testing...

As you can see my new iMac has arrived and I have spent the several days starting to get to know it.  Now I have bit of a stiff neck from sitting too long at the screen which I did have raised up.  Now I have put it back to desk level.  Loading a photo into Blogger seemed rather long winded, but I guess I will get to know it all better.  I have also bought a couple of Ikea worktops which has given me a full length work bench, more space to make a mess!!  I haven't disconnected my old PC yet or moved the printer/scanner, which will take up a lot of room on the desk. I am also finding new homes for 'stuff' and then not being able to find anything.  Sorry, this is probably really boring for you. 

I do want to take the opportunity thank John who spent some time helping with a trip to Ikea, ordering the computer and helping move furniture. 

 Hoping to have some sketchbook pages to share soon!   Have a good weekend.