Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Up-side of a Gloomy Tuesday

It may be damp and gloomy today, but it means that I spend time in my 'studio' without feeling I should be out and about making the most of the glorious weather!  So here is a quick glimpse at what's what.

Here is a mosaic I created from my 11 (+1) postcards on my theme of windows.  What a wonderful collection and range of takes on my topic.  It has been great fun and I think it has taxed our creativity. 

This is the final card I received from Joanna which I love. It is hand stitched - and I now I'm thinking of going blond!! The quote is from James Joyce.

This is the final card that I created for Penny on her theme of Angels which I found very difficult. However I kept coming back to this angel I photographed in Great Bedwyn, Wilts. She was on the wall of a stonemason's yard. The business has since closed, so hopefully she has found a good home. Not sure what to do with her, I ended up making a background of Angel quotations.  I wanted to go out on a glorious note, but however 'hard' I squeezed my creativity nothing glorious would come!

Meanwhile here are a few sketchbook pages.

Sorting out some fabrics and threads I was struck with how many greens I had, which made me get out my pencils, paints etc and really have a big think about green!

Using paints and pencils I then sat in the garden and tried to reproduce the greens I was seeing without worrying too much about form.

My Creative Sketchbook course starts soon. Not sure how much I will be able to share with you yet, but no doubt there will be some.
Hope your week is going well,