Friday, 12 February 2010

The Walled Garden Again

I love this place so much I want to show you all my photos, but I will just post a few at a time. I have two projects going in my walled garden journal which I will share later. But here a a few starters.
This gable end over a door in one of the glasshouses shows wonderful attention to detail which runs throughout the garden. I have blacked out the roof here to emphasise the shape which I am rather fond of photographing and which is beginning to reoccur in my pictures. Here are a couple of details.

I love the way the bramble has wound itself around the frame and between the glass and the polythene covering.
Looking up to where the glasshouse joins onto the outer wall of the garden the glass is broken and the polythene ripped giving a glimpse of blue sky and the ubiquitous brambles that grow everywhere, even on top of the wall.

Here is the top of the wall from the outside - you need to see this large to appreciate the silhouettes of the stems - well I love it. The wall is very high - 15 foot plus -I will check this. Here are a couple of pictures so you can get orientated with the site.
Here you can see the extent of the glasshouses, outside...
and inside.

More another time.
More info. here