Thursday, 5 August 2010

Happy to announce ...

... the winners of my Market research give-away

I allotted each commentator a number and then went to The Random Number Generator  here to select 5 numbers. The result are:-

No. 1 A Purse,  to Kate at  thekathrynwheel
No. 2 A Scented Heart, to  Linda at Blu-eyed girl
No. 3 A flower brooch, to Webb at fromthegardenbench
No. 4 A Lotus flower book, to Jane at jeeandme
No. 5 Gift Tags, to Cathy at menopausalmusing

I hope to get them posted off after the weekend if I hear from you (but realise you may be away).  Thank you everyone for your encouraging and useful comments. I am thinking seriously about setting up an etsy shop, but need things to be sorted out here first. However if you are interested in any of the items listed, do contact me via e mail on my profile.
(Mr T is now on his third lot of mega antibiotics, we've still got our fingers crossed.)