Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday - A week in Pictures.

Went to visit Dad on the Isle of Wight, we had a very nice lunch here at Niton, near St Catherine's Point for all you shipping forecast listeners.

He's pretty sprightly for 90.  We went for a short walk in Ventnor Botanical Garden...

... and then another down Yarmouth pier.

Back in Luton on Thursday... friends and I head for the bus shelter to wait for Lady Godiva on her trip from Coventry to London...

... an hour and a half later, 

something's happening and a GPO van has broken down at the traffic lights...

Well that's all over - lasted a bit longer than the Tour de France passing by.
My friends and I say good bye.

August's calendar page is looking very minimal at the moment. 
 Not been my day.  Just wondered why I couldn't smell dinner cooking, when I realised that the meat has been in the main oven for an hour, when I had turned on the top one, that's why have time to write this. 
Well done Team GB - enjoying the Olympic's much more than I expected.
Have a good week