Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday, Sunday

I don't want to use my blog just to plug my Etsy shop, but all of you dear friends who encouraged me have only got yourselves to blame if I keep going on about it!!  As it is a new enterprise it is dominating my waking hours at the moment. At least any of you who may be thinking of doing the same thing can share my experiences. I know I have got to put a few hours in setting things up and hopefully when I have got used to the procedures I can do this more quickly. Of course just making stuff to sell is only the start. I have spent hours looking at other posts deciding how I can make my pieces eye-catching as there are hundreds if not thousands of rivals. Here are my new book covers I have stitched this week. My first one sold immediately which was very gratifying, hopefully these will too.
I thought I would photograph them with some accessories to make the pictures more eye catching.
Now I need to start looking at magazines and catalogues for ideas for making the photographs more striking,
Now I am going to enjoy my Sunday evening watching some television with Mr T.
I hope you have a good week and I'll be back soon.