Thursday, 30 June 2011

Going Dotty

At the risk of repeating myself - yet another month has gone by, and finishing June's pages means that we are halfway through 2011. June has been very busy as any of my regulars will know, preparing and manning the Open Studio event and at home getting ready for Mr T's garden party on Saturday,  Thank goodness that the forecast is for fine weather, if not sunshine.  Mr T has been working very hard and the preparations are all in hand.  As you may guess from the fuss, this is not something we do very often.  I think the last 'do' we had was for our 25th, but that was a much smaller affair, and - oh my goodness - it was SEVEN years ago! I hope I shall have a few photos to share with you later. Next week I am aiming to visit my Dad and sister on the Isle of Wight for a  couple of days, leaving Mr T and Marvin to look after each other, so I don't suppose I shall have time to squeeze in a post.  I have my next postcard for Postman's Knock more or less ready to post when I get back from the IOW.  The postcards and my calendar have been the mainstay of my creativity this month I am looking forward to getting down to some serious stitching very soon. Meanwhile I will share my pages with you.

Some of my June entries I have filled-in in blocks, sometimes I find it difficult to remember what I did at the beginning of the week! I can look back and find out it was only last week I had my hair cut - seems like ages ago!

For July I have gone a bit dotty - I used one of the paper napkins I have bought for the party as a background. I haven't had much time for embellishments so I can add them later if I am in the mood.
I have been trying to keep up with everyone's posts but I haven't always had time to leave a comment. I'm feeling like a little nap now.  Mr T is watching some cricket, that is ideal to shut your eyes to for five or ten minutes.Goodness knows how I would have coped if I had had to teach until I was 66 or even 68!
Have a good weekend,