Tuesday, 16 August 2011

August this and that

Just a quick share of some things I have been up to.  I have finished my last Postman's Knock card and feel a corner of my desk has been liberated.  It has been great fun but I'm ready to stop now - we have been at it since April! I am still making a few bits and pieces for my stall at the Photo exhib in Sept ( more details later) but want to get back to my 'Teach myself Textiles' programme I am trying to devise. I am looking forward to the creative sketch book course, as although I  feel I have drawing skills I still lack direction.  I have also signed up for a day's workshop with 'our' Gina in November.  Unfortunately I was unable to make the other two she is running, but I'm really looking forward to working with her - although I am not wishing the time away! I am also trying out some of her sketchbook ideas she is posting on her blog!

Meanwhile here are a few bits.
This is a page in my Art Journal based on an oyster shell I picked up on Gurnard beach, Isle of Wight, where my sister lives.  However she is planning a move the the mainland very soon.  I shall miss our beach walks but it will be great to have her nearer.

Gurnard Beach from the cafe at the end of her road.

Here are a couple of little 'party purses' I made from some satin I transfer dyed.  The background is the paper I painted with dye.  I layered the satin with different coloured organza and machine embroidered it and then added a few beads.

 Finally here is a page of my 'Honesty Book' decorated with a little lino cut and a quotation.  I'm trying to work on filling it.
Thanks for dropping in.