Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday catch up

Why does it have to be all or nothing with our weather?  The heat doesn't suit me so I have been hanging around inside today close to open doors and windows.  I wanted to relax in the garden, but even the shade is rather too warm and Mr T who doesn't seem to be effected by the heat has been pottering in his vegetables, so I have been trying to find homes for the things I have brought back from the Open Studios. Sally and I have declared the event a success and we both made enough sales to make it worthwhile.  We both want to say 'thank you' to all our visitors and to those who made purchases.  I met some very interesting people, many of them Sally's friends as she is well established in the local arts community, but also some unexpected treats, like the elderly neighbour of hers who brought us some examples of her work in 'Design' magazine from the 1950s and a sample of her wallpaper design of that period. What a treat that was. I also want to say thank you for your 'bloggy' encouragement and to Chrissie for making a visit. 
I still have a couple of busy weeks ahead, but after that I am looking forward to some more intense creativity. I have been fired up and feeling a bit creatively frustrated.  Thank goodness for Postman's Knock which has meant I have had to produce a bit of art.
Gina's theme of Concealment and Revelation had me stumped for quite a while.  I was thumbing through my postcards bought from galleries and exhibitions when I came across Michaelangelo's David which I had bought in Florence (The postcards not him!) See this piece of work was one of those moments you never forget - along with every other bit of art we could cram into the visit, and I thought it would be good to be able to recreate that feeling. However my naughty side took over, especially when I realised I could not recreate my idea of a series of doors leading to the image on a post card sized piece of work in a week!
I had to make do with one door, but added the tab to build up the anticipation for the reveal.

I did hesitate a bit with the leaf and the joke, but I reckoned I had the measure of everyone's sense of humour....  Luckily Gina says this her favourite piece of art - I don't know if she has seen him - I hope she has, but I am very pleased my precious postcard has gone to a good home.  (I do have four others taken at different angles.) The door is one of my photographs resized to fit.
My postcard(s) from Lesley were a treat. She had said that she thought her original idea was too close to some others, but how different can a window be? I loved the window cleaner polishing up that beautiful view.  I could do with sitting by a lake today.
 Of course Lesley had found the perfect card to go with the pictures showing a window with a model fishing boat evoking fishermen's huts and fresh fish for tea.  But her second post card is a gem.  A couple of doggies in a window, which of course all us ladies of a certain vintage will remember from Uncle Mac's Children's Favourites, a Saturday morning radio programme, along with my other favourites 'Tubby the Tuba' and 'Sparky and his Magic Piano' and ... I could go on, but I won't...
What great fun the project is turning out to be.

Have a good week everyone.